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Originally Posted by Metalica View Post
That sounds exactly like me so perhaps I should do as you say. I'm under the impression that if you play too timidly in sets, you would never improve. I suppose I'll still go for it in practice but be more patient in matches.
It's a subtle point you guys are covering here and likely one of the biggest things
holding pack players in their games.

Many and likely most newer players think in terms of being aggressive or careful.
Really neither of these extremes is going to help your game early on.
Their games are not developed enough to do both of these at the same time
or even conceive of how that can work.

The key is to work on current, executable shots in the early going. Win or lose,
work these shots that include reasonable form, where you can learn to repeat the
performances consistently. Once you have something learned as a base level,
(may take a week or 2 months) then you can learn to be consistent while you
are aggressive. I recommend an aggressive swing, BUT with more conservative targets.
IMO most players are way too aggressive with targets (and a bit aggressive with swings)
too near the lines due to the illusion that is critical to earning winners and forcing errors.
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