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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
You are talking about the difference between trimming the hair pin and pallet and a completely different mold! We are not talking about Wilson or head here, I think there's enough custom options, remember pro stock tend to come in two flex options, the difference between 95 and 98 is negligible, Paul makes a quality frame that's up there with the best pro stock frames from head and Wilson, he gives you options, what you do is use them and then mod to suit your spec. Anyone can purchase grommets and pallets and redistribute the weight and length, like Bosworth, like pt57 or h19/22. If after all that you don't find what you're after then its easy, stop derailing this thread and go find something else.
I don't think asking questions about Angel racquets counts as a sidetrack.

It sounds like the majority of what they customize are things that are reasonable to replace aftermarket like the handle or grip?

I'm also skeptical as to how many of their 13 weight options are feasible.
Did you have to add weight to your "customized" Angel frame?

I also don't think we agree on what "customization" means. It's like saying you can have a custom color but only if it's blue or red.
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