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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
I don't think asking questions about Angel racquets counts as a sidetrack.

It sounds like the majority of what they customize are things that are reasonable to replace aftermarket like the handle or grip?

I'm also skeptical as to how many of their 13 weight options are feasible.
Did you have to add weight to your "customized" Angel frame?

I also don't think we agree on what "customization" means. It's like saying you can have a custom color but only if it's blue or red.
I agree we are deliberating over what we believe customisation means, Angell is what it is, it has options but not everything to meet all our needs, it can't do that but no one can. If you phone/email then the teccys can help with your tweeks. Personally I like to do that myself. Looking forward to hitting with them again.
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