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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Sorry, been out with a calf strain. Finally felt it was safe to do some light hitting.

Ugh. So hard to break the habit. Today's hit:

I decided that I need to just rebuild that section, so tried just short fed balls with (almost) no backswing. Concentrating on keeping a neutral wrist and the stretch shortening cycle. Felt pretty good with nice power, but looking at the video, am still not completely happy. The left hand is still messing it up. lol.
That backswing is a HUGE improvement. You don't need any more backswing than that. And, with the shorter, lower backswing, your contact point is more out front and your finish is longer and more relaxed. Well done.

Now, when you turn, try to keep the racquet straight up and down rather than tilting it back. Also, your balance looks much better when you hit from a lower, wider base. I know you're guarding a muscle strain, but, just be aware of it for when you recover.
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