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Default Latest News from the Progression

Doubles 8.26 - 2 lower 4.5 players and 2 decent 4.0 players

Over the summer I have been trying to maintain rather than lose weight. I did put back on a couple of pounds so instead of being down 50 I am now only down 45.

Now that league tennis is done I can get back to training without worrying about over use injuries. I felt a little beaten down when training, watching calories and trying to mix in between match cardio.

On the season I finished 21-4 between 4.0 and 4.5 league tennis while playing predominantly line 1 doubles. Our team won our state again for the 3rd straight year and we represented ourselves well at sectionals. I expect to get bumped but I expected that last year and did not.

Currently I feel like I am moving well on the court, in watching the video I rarely see myself staying back... always moving forward and covering the court reasonably well. While watching the video I noticed that I did not hit enough flat serves, instead relying on the kicker, so since this video I have been introducing more flat first serves to keep the opposition on their toes.

In terms of technique what I find is that when I hit quality strokes they are much improved over my earlier videos ... basically my best strokes now are better than my best strokes from a year ago. However, I still find my self too close on some forehands and end up sharply pulling my racket through to hit the ball. When I miss my backhand I am not keeping my head in and shoulders closed.
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