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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
That backswing is a HUGE improvement. You don't need any more backswing than that. And, with the shorter, lower backswing, your contact point is more out front and your finish is longer and more relaxed. Well done.
Which backswing- both, or the second video? Cos I thought the second one was just a pat the dog exercise

@ Power Player:
Thanks! Nothing radical has been changed, just tinkering with the forehand which has been a problem spot even before the 20 year layoff. I would say the retooling done over the past months has been quite successful actually. It's at the very least a dependable stroke, and I would venture to say it's now a weapon. With the old forehand, I could not hit out for fear of hitting long, and tended to tighten up during a match. Now I can do the opposite and hit out under pressure. Been starting to test it out in match conditions, and it's holding up pretty well. Now if only I could get my serve up to speed to start the points on a more aggressive footing, I could use this forehand to dictate more.

I read the article and watched the video. I do appreciate the advice, and I do take only what I feel improves my game. More importantly, I try to understand the why of it, which makes it easier to implement changes. I find that if there was something wrong, it was because I did not fully grasp the reason for it.

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