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Ok. Had the machine for about a week. Machine is set in Agassi mode - an inch behind the baseline ; a little past 4 on power; a little past 1 on topspin; 4.5 on frequency.

Huge step-up from the i-Sam; although it did take longer to dial in to get the right shot - and as they mention in the manual, you do get differences in the shot depending on the quality/age of the ball. So I had to retire some balls (there are a lot of happy dogs in the neighborhood and with my co-workers!) and buy 36 new ones. Battery is much stronger; two hour sessions, no problem. And recharges much faster.

A few favorite drills: a) running shots. BH first - put the machine right behind the service 'tick' and angle to hit to about 2 feet inside the sideline. You 'bite off as much as you can chew' to decide how far you will run to intercept the ball, then recover back toward the center. Great for practicing the big first cross step and the smaller calibration steps. Repeat until you're gassed, then stand just a few feet to the right of where the ball will come and practice hitting 'run around' FHs until your heart rate stabilizes. Repeat for the FH. b) short hops - bump up the power so the balls are hitting within a foot or so of the baseline - practice hitting the ball right off the bounce.
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