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Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
I don't mean how you got the formula figured out, but I am having trouble filling in the numbers and then get the correct me. I think I do it in the wrong units.
Let's say I have a racket with the following specs: 335g, 32cm balance, sw 330. Can you show me the math to calculate the me?
Your units looks fine.

In the Excel sheet the length c to the balance point (cg) is calculated from the HH/HL value. But if you want to enter the balance directly just type in your value -10 at c (in your case 22 cm). That will destroy the function that calculates it from HH/HL.

I don't know the length of your racquet, but assuming it is 69 cm the curve will look like this (using the new version of the spreadsheet):

It looks like a slightly lighter version of the Pro Staff 90

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