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It is important no to be too British about it and understate the issue. I would make sure to emphasis the fact it has stopped all sport and if it is making practical things hard then definitely highlight. If you want to stretch things a bit, it might be worth saying it is keeping you awake at night as that is probably the easiest stretch and if getting to sleep had not been my main strength in life would certainly have been true with my shoulder injury.

I have always kept my private healthcare in the UK as I played a lot of rugby for many years before returning to more tennis and golf and have always been concerned about tearing cruciates etc. It is an important expense for me, but becomes less affordable each year as costs rise.

Assuming money is not unlimited as for most of us, then try and be as patient as possible and not rush back. I wish I had not pushed some injuries in the past as they certainly took longer to heal as a result.
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