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Hi guys,

thankyou very much for your information.

Its been about a week now and i'm starting to notice more pain.
I have not gotten much sleep last night. I went to bed approx 2am and woke at 4am in agony. Its been a few days like this now with the most severe pain occuring when i'm sleeping.

It feels like a broken bone in my shoulder. The exact same type of pain when I broke my arm a few years back and the broken bones would rub against eachother.

Also I'm starting to feel pain when driving. I have a gear shift car and changing gears is causing a pain. Sometimes so much that I cannot get it into the gear i'm intending to when changing. Also getting pain when changing clothes and especially trying to put my socks on.

I cannot see any swelling or brusing. The pain is worst when i'm doing a similar motion to a windsheild wiper follow through.

I'm going to try and get another appointment with the GP in the morning.

I'm hoping i'm not causing more damage to the injury just doing everyday tasks like driving etc...
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