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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Kramer retired too early in the decade (in early 1954, I believe), and only returned for brief tours against Hoad and Rosewall a few years later. Hoad didn't start on the professional tour until late 1957. Rosewall's best years were in the 1960s, and Segura was certainly better than Trabert.

The Pails vs. Segura tour was in 1948, on the undercard of the Kramer vs. Riggs tour. Kramer, Pails and Segura all turn professional in late 1947 with this very tour all planned out. Pails won the tour 41-31, but Segura struggled with the fast indoor surfaces back then and wasn't yet the Segura of a few years later. Calling Pails "second level" is silly when Pails was the Australian Championships title holder when he turned professional, and probably the second best amateur of 1947 behind Kramer. Pails was better than Segura at the time, just about.

Segura's prime was 1950-1957, when he was always top 3 in the world on my list.
Pails did not challenge at Wimbledon and Forest Hills, the real big-time of tennis. The Aussie title was weak in 1947, no foreign players.
Please, folks, when you quote titles and title wins, look at the quality of the field. This tells you what the win really means.

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