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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Kiki here are some tournaments that Pancho Segura won and some tours he won.

1. Segura defeated Kramer in the Paris Pro Indoors final in 1950 6-3 6-2 to win the tournament.
2. Segura defeated Kramer in the semi and Frank Kovacs in the final to win the US Pro Champs in 1950.
3. Segura went unbeaten in a round robin defeating Bobby Riggs, Frankie Parker, Van Horn and Pancho Gonzalez to win the 1951 US Pro Grasscourt Champs
4. Segura won the German International Round Robin by defeating Pancho Gonzalez, Earn, Riggs in 1951
5. Segura won the US Pro Claycourts by defeating Riggs in straight sets.
6. Segura won the US Pro Champs by defeating Pancho Gonzalez in five sets.
7. Segura won the Venezuelz Pro Round Robin by defeating McGregor, Frank Sedgman, and Jack Kramer going unbeaten.
8. Segura won the Slazenger Pro Champs by defeating Frank Sedgman in the final in five sets.
9. Segura won the Riccione Pro Champs by defeating Frank Sedgman
10. Segura won the Rimini Pro Champs by defeating Frank Sedgman
11. Segura won the Pacific Pro Champs by defeating Pancho Gonzalez in 1954
12. Segura won the Australian Pro Champs by defeating Gonzalez in the semi and Sedgman in the final.
13. Segura won the Alaska Indoor Champs by defeating Budge in the semi and Trabert in the final.
14 Segura won the San Remo Pro Champs by defeating Buchholz, Lew Hoad and Gimeno in 1961.
15 Segura won the Dutch Pro Champs by defeat Gimeno in 1961
16 Segura won the Scheveningen Pro Champs by defeating Olmedo, Hoad and Ayala.
17. Segura won the Cannes Pro Champs by defeating Ayala, Olmedo and Hoad in the final.

Segura also won a number of tours over Parker, McGregor and in 1961 over Olmedo, Cooper and Buchholz who were in their primes. In a tour which Gonzalez won with Segura and the great Frank Sedgman participating, according to McCauley Segura defeated Sedgman in their individual matchup by a fraction, winning one more match 23 to 22. Considering how great Sedgman was that is the mark of a great player. Very few in the history of tennis could have done that. Sedgman was at his peak.

Look at the names Segura defeated. If you really think he's journeyman then the names he defeating were average to below average.
You missed a big one. Segura won the 1958 LA Masters round robin, going undefeated.
He won at Tel Aviv in 1959.
Sedgman was clearly off his game in 1954.
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