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Default Question for Karly: re Wilson nTour


There's a few of us who play at the same club and have been using the nTour since it came out and are at the point were an upgrade is very much needed. As someone who also uses the nTour and has had the chance to try all the different versions, we were wondering what it is that has stopped you switching to one of the newer versions? Do you think there's something missing in the newer models that the nTour had , in the feel or response? Also, did you ever try the BLX Tour Limited and if you did, what did you think?

We'd also all like to say thanks to you and Tiffani for doing such a great job with the reviews and repping all us ladies around the 4.0 bracket. Every time there's a new review we always check to see if you two are included.

Thanks greatly.
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