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The formula that determines the length of blades allowed calculates the predicted height of an athlete, plus 3.5 percent to account for the on-toes running position.

Pistorius' maximum allowable height is 1.93 meters, yet he opts to stand at 1.84m in blades that were subjected to stringent testing in 2008 to show they provide no advantage when competing alongside able-bodied rivals.

Oliveira, whose limit is 1.85 meters, claimed Monday that his blades gave him a race height of 1.81 the previous night.

"The coaches and I decided to try a higher blade," Oliveira was quoted as saying by The Guardian. "I tried the new height for the first time last year and it was difficult to get used to them. I decided to try them again earlier this year and it went a little bit better. Three weeks ago, we decided to really go for it.

"The prosthesis don't run alone. Of course they are good for an improvement, but there is not a significant time difference."

While Pistorius claimed it was an unfair race because he couldn't compete with Oliveira's stride length, South African sports scientist Ross Tucker found that the loser in fact took six fewer steps than the winner.

"The leg-length issue is an `advantage' that Pistorius has always had, and we've been watching him compete for years not knowing if he's done the exact same thing as he is now accusing Oliveira of," Tucker wrote in an analysis of the race on his website.
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