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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Working Labor Day? Do you work in a Burger King? (Turnabout is fair play -- you laugh at your boss, we laugh at you).
In Orlando, we will have 56 million visit our city in 2012...Labor Day is a holiday that attracts in-state visitors for the long weekend. When you work in tourism, you look forward to holiday shifts if you are commission-based, as I am. I LOL at 9to5'ers clinging to their precious 10 days a year of paid off-days. I really LOL when I'm home with a chilled adult beverage listening to raindrops on the roof while 9to5ers are grinding through rush hour commutes with all the other lemmings.

As to the point of the thread, it's supposed to be a way to share humurous or ironic moments we each encounter.
Despite all of life's bumps and bruises, I'm still committed to making this world better one smile, one laugh at a time, every day!
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