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I managed a multi-doc Chiropractic clinic. Then I became a business consultant to DCs. (Got out of that business for the same reason I stopped consulting directly to MDs. Doctors -- no matter which letters follow their name -- are CHEAP. I had more collection problems with doctors than any single category of client.)

There are scammers in every profession; DCs are no different.

I think the multiple treatment "plans" should be a Yellow Flag for most people. (But sometimes even very active athletes have serious problems no previous doc discovered. Not ALL the multiple treatment plans are scams.)

Even getting regular Chiropractic care doesn't mean I don't sometimes need to be adjusted 2x in a week. (I didn't so much "dive" for one ball, as I stumbled and fell while going for it. Hey! I won the point...!) My DC enjoyed teasing me and collecting those adjustment fees...!

IMO, one of the best ways for athletes to stay fit and healthy is to receive regular adjustments. ("Regular," meaning what works for your body.)

When I was training and competing in karate tournaments I got adjusted *more* than weekly. Now that I'm "just" a tennis player, I get adjusted every 4-6 weeks.

- KK
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