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travlerajm, quick question for you about MgR/I and racket length. For standard length rackets, I've had good luck keying in on an optimal MgR/I and MgR'/I' for my 2hb (21.1 and 23.0, roughly). I'm thinking about moving to an extended length racket and want to make sure I set it up properly. I don't see anything in the MgR/I formula that would change with racket length, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Say my standard length racket is at 357 g, 32.3 cm, and 340 SW. Should I still be aiming for these exact specs with the extended length racket?

All your help in this thread is much appreciated! MgR/I has really helped me understand why some rackets work for me and some don't.
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