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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I Lol'd when i was boweling in a tournament and bowled a 278 and lost.

I also lol'd when you just completly pimped slapped that dude busting on you for working in burger king.
The visual I'm imagining of you "boweling" on the lanes makes me ROFL! Did you mount the toilet on casters and "roll" your way to the 278??? Nice score BTW! When was your 8-count? I got to the 10th frame perfect five times before I got my one and only 300! When I shot a 769 series (personal best) I had a ringing 8-pin in Game 2 and a stone 9-pin in Game 3 that cost me an 800 series!
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Federer: "I am like sureshs, but my San Diego 4.0 NTRP backhand is weaker"???
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