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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I had front 9 then 9 spare 9 for the 78. Other guy went front 8 9 spare struck out for 279. I could only laugh like Raonic last night.

But that 278 is my highest game, and gives me hope I can one day throw a 300.

Those 9 pins are the worst. You throw a great shot and it almost bites too hard and complety misses the 9
If you bowl enough, you'll get there! Anyone that can get the front nine is good enough to finish it with skill and the "residue of hard work"...i.e. lady luck. My last strike on my 300 was yanked BAD but I was so pumped I threw it 2 or 3 MPH faster...the result was a clean Brooklyn with all ten flying like a pocket hit. The first eleven? Nailed!
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