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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Segura was a great player, but is not usually rated as the third best of the 1950's. That would make him an all-time top ten player, which few people rate him as.
I would rate the following ahead of him; Kramer, Gonzales, Sedgman, Hoad, Rosewall. Segura was about equal to Trabert, who I think beat Segura in a head to head in 1958, and Trabert won four Roland Garros tournaments, to zero for Segura.
Segura's peak was brief, about 1951 to 1953, when he was beating Gonzales and Sedgman in some big tournaments. Before 1950, he lost a head to head tour against Dinny Pails, a second level player. Segura was about thirty years old before he developed his game.
Kramer claimed that Segura only learned to play tennis for real as a result of their hth tour in 1950-51.
Any other myths out there?
Agreed.Segura, while a great player, is clearly overrated.

Themn again, marketing issues to enhance a tour that otherwise would be ab eternum repetition of Kramer vs Gonzales, multiplied by 100.

I think Trabert edges out Segura, who may have been better than the other 3:Cooper,Anderson and Olmemdo.
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