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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Laver used to complain about a particular Rosewall backhand shot, he called "the skidder."

Laver said he hated this shot because the ball did not come up. It would stay very low and and skid--not bounce. He said that if he could get to it and hit it all, he had to "hit it off my shoelaces".

With my regular hitting partner hitting lots of deep, high-bouncing topspins to my one-handed backhand, I am forced to slice the ball back. (And I have gotten pretty good at it, I do admit.) But my slices seem to sit up, and don't have any of that fabled Rosewall skid quality.

Does anyone know how I can learn to hit a "Rosewall skidder"?
My old school hitting partner hits a great slice "skidder" which most of us at our club are trying to emulate. He has the classic continental on the backhand, strikes it flat and pushes the head thru the ball and cuts the ball with backspin (varies from top-down or with slight side spin too).

Am an old school player too and rely on the "Rosewall" style slice but my footwork isn't as clean as it use to be so its more like a side slice (how Fed works it). I find having a racquet that is correctly weighted (head) and strung on the medium side helps greatly to counter act the heavy balls of today's players (neutralize in coming shot and have the head to some of the work). When you're body weight is into the shot with the correct technique you'll see the ball hit the court and stay low making it difficult for your opponent to 1) dig it out and 2) make an offensive actually trying to develop a solid slice forehand too Signed: constantly working on it...
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