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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
I have no idols, my friend.
As far as indoors, yes, it appears that Hoad never won an indoor tournament, despite appearing in many finals.
He won plenty of indoor matches on the 4-man tour in the late fifties, but these were best-of-three affairs.
His big wins were in outdoor tournaments. Hoad's style of play was super-aggressive and required lots of oxygen. In the indoor smoke dens of Wembley, Melbourne Arena (where Rosewall outlasted him in 1960), Cleveland Arena, MSG (although he won a three-set marathon classic against Gonzales in 1959), Stade Coubertin, etc., the lack of exygen was a handicap in a long match.
You know Dan I cannot believe you wrote you have no idols. I just don't know what to think!

Please get off this stuff about smoked filled arenas and oxygen. Hoad had a great game but he did lose and his high risk game could cause some losses at times.
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