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Originally Posted by merlebo02 View Post
I'm looking forward to my Mississippi state bulldogs play this year! Big game this Saturday against auburn.
FYI-there's a poster here ("Rabbit") who's an MSU alum and big Bulldog supporter (he usually posts in the Strings & Racquets section). Me? ... I like watching MSU but listening to those damn clanging cowbells non-stop are enough to drive you nuts.

on-topic: Thus far (just like the end of last year), it looks like there's Alabama and then there's everybody else. Amazing that they can lose high NFL draft picks from last year's championship squad such as Richardson (RB), Hightower & Courtney (LBs), Barron (S), then re-load and come back at you this year with a bulldozer OL, a slew of talented RB's (that frosh Yeldon looks great, along with Lacy et al) and a hard-hitting D. Saban is one hell of a recruiter and imho 'Bama's clearly the preeminent program in college football.
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