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Default Gamma Progression II 602 FC or Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

Please help me decide if you have experience with these machines.

Gamma Progression II 602 FC vs Alpha Pioneer DC Plus.

I'm used to the Gamma rachet and tensioner and rotational gripper. Concerned about the Gamma composite looking clamp tops. Like the Gamma service. Heard good things about Alpha but less familiar with them, and not sure I'd like the linear gripper.

Bottom line for me is if Gamma 602FC clamps are good as the Alpha DC Plus, then Gamma makes sense for me - I don't mind the rotational gripper.

Input would be greatly appreciated.

2 Yonex VCore 97 Tour 310, TW leather grips, 6 inches, 1/4 in. lead, 3 and 9 o'clock, RPM Blast 16 26/25 kgs., Yonex dampeners, Wilson Pro overgrips.
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