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I really cannot thank everyone enough for PRICELESS feedback, advice, experience, and all the virtual slaps to the ear hole!!

After much internal agonizing & chasing countless used machines that have already been sold, I placed an order for a new Gamma 5003 2pt SC Mount machine from T***** for $999.00, w Free Shipping & the standard tools/ accessories.

While I feel very comfortable that I found the best deal on a solid machine, I am both extremely excited & feel like throwing up whenever I think about it.

I am certain that I exhausted every opportunity to get a used machine from my short list, and also know the price I paid is $200 less than any other new 5003 2pt SC I was able to find, but just do not have the experience to feel completely confident in my decision.

Knowing my plan to start a hopefully thriving small business relies on a quality machine w the capability to work quickly, I guess there is always something to second guess if you allow yourself.

I'm sure when my machine arrives I will be like a 10-yr old on Christmas, but I am just wondering if I should have bought the Revo 4000 w Wise, or potentially a NEOS or 6004, just bc the 5003 is more of a 'dated' model opposed to a 'different' machine, but the 2-pt appears to be a 6004 w slightly different clamps being the only difference.

Ive rambled enough -- I'll post some pics & an update once I receive & put it together!!
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