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Originally Posted by rolleroh View Post
I really cannot thank everyone enough for PRICELESS feedback, advice, experience, and all the virtual slaps to the ear hole!!

After much internal agonizing & chasing countless used machines that have already been sold, I placed an order for a new Gamma 5003 2pt SC Mount machine from T***** for $999.00, w Free Shipping & the standard tools/ accessories.

While I feel very comfortable that I found the best deal on a solid machine, I am both extremely excited & feel like throwing up whenever I think about it.

I am certain that I exhausted every opportunity to get a used machine from my short list, and also know the price I paid is $200 less than any other new 5003 2pt SC I was able to find, but just do not have the experience to feel completely confident in my decision.

Knowing my plan to start a hopefully thriving small business relies on a quality machine w the capability to work quickly, I guess there is always something to second guess if you allow yourself.

I'm sure when my machine arrives I will be like a 10-yr old on Christmas, but I am just wondering if I should have bought the Revo 4000 w Wise, or potentially a NEOS or 6004, just bc the 5003 is more of a 'dated' model opposed to a 'different' machine, but the 2-pt appears to be a 6004 w slightly different clamps being the only difference.

Ive rambled enough -- I'll post some pics & an update once I receive & put it together!!
Only gripe(s) I have with the 5003 is the 6 point mounting system and clamps. The 6004 outside dominates the 5003's outside. Looks like you bypassed that issue altogether. The inside mount will do you just fine Just be careful not to torque the mounts down too hard at first, they will pop out if you torque down hard at first, from what I understand. Look around at threads in this subforum, I've posted in several. You're looking for a post by Gamma Tech that describes how to do it "the right way." Summary is: If you're muscling down the hold-down lever, you're doing it wrong.

The clamps are A-OK on the Gamma machines, I used them in a very, very high volume environment, and while the switch action would have been welcomed with open arms, I had to deal with the standard clamps. They're good, but not great. If you really torque them down (which isn't necessary!) they'll eventually loosen up, but adjustment is easy. I wouldn't want them in a professional environment, but for even the moderate volume home stringer, they'll be reliable and sturdy. Many people who work(ed) with crappy machines that came to work with me had a habit of really cranking them down. I think this behavior comes from low quality cone lock bases that frequently slipped.

Otherwise, great purchase. Even if you upgrade to the wise, keep the crank around in case you need it in a pinch. I personally don't think you'll regret your mount choice or your choice to get a standup machine. I'm all for portability, but IMHO a stand is miles better than a rolling cart, which is miles better than hunching over a temporary workstation/desk. You've got room to grow, and you can always upgrade clamps down the line, if you really want to.
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