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Originally Posted by rolleroh View Post
...but I am just wondering if I should have bought the Revo 4000 w Wise...
I'll let you know. I placed an order for the Alpha Revo/Wise combo last week & it is scheduled to arrive today. I probably won't get to stringing anything until tomorrow, though, as I have "kid taxi" duties most of this evening.

This will be my 3rd machine, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, replacing my Eagnas poo-poo after only 5 years.

It will be interesting to see how much time I save w/ this new setup. I've never really been focused on speed, usually putting The Daily Show or Colbert Nation on in the background while stringing & taking my time, but it has to be better than my current situation, constantly tightening the clamps so they don't slip.
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