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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
So you have no idea what is on the tape yet you are willing to rip the guy? Nice. Pardon him for trying to make a living with tennis.
If someone paid $100 for a little hologram you wear on their wrist to increase power or magic beans then I would think they were getting ripped off as well. Some people just throw their money away.

As I said I cannot fathom what rec player singles advice would be worth $100. I think it would be absolutely nuts to pay. And yes I would laugh hard at any of my friends who paid that.

If we aren't talking about rec tennis and instead this is is a pro or even a guy trying to get a college scholarship then its a different story. But even then I still think that $100 would be better spent elsewhere since it would be generic advice not at all tailored to the person paying the money.

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