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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
Haven't seen a thread on this yet for this season, but this past weekend was so great having college football back...

Kevin T, soizgood, countless others...Let's get this party started!

Kevin, how bad were you freaking last night?
Thanks for starting the thread, Big. I was pooping rocks (per Rubie Sue on 'Christmas Vacation') late in the game. Glad the convict could 'bail' us out and put the game into OT. I was fully expecting another 'chokie' moment. I rant about it year after year but still can't figure out why Beamer can't open up the offense and/or recruit the athletes for a pro style offense. They get practically every good player in VA and snag a lot from Maryland, NC, TN, PN, OH but refuse to run a high output offense. The D has always been there, so why not open things up? I agree with Mik that Clemson should be a tougher out for FSU (and vice versa), though you never know.

Bama looks nasty. When you lose 7 D starters (and 6 are playing in the NFL right now-unreal), your D shouldn't be as good as Bama's. I share Rabbit's pain RE playing in the SEC...watched my Cats kick off another cellar dwellar season by dropping a pile against Lville on Sunday. Have fun this year, Joker...might be your last.

I'm hoping Oregon or USC gets through the season undefeated, as I really want to see another Pac 12/SEC title game.
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