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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Sounds like you're just slicing the ball too much. The skidder is a just slightly undercut drive, not a long 'drop shot', and it doesn't sit up ... it skids, stays very low, doesn't lose much pace, and presents difficulties for most (at least most rec) players.
Yes, I am probably hitting with too much slice, and not enough drive.

Originally Posted by TomT View Post
So, I would guess that the recipe for hitting it is to start by hitting flat backhands, and then just experiment with undercutting them slightly to produce the skidding effect, but not so much that they float and sit up.
Oh no. If I start hitting flat backhands, I may un-do all the hard work I have put in to learn to hit topspin backhands. (I was taught to hit back in the sixties, when the chip approach was the rage.)
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