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Originally Posted by spot View Post
The OP wanted to know what people's thoughts were on spending $100 on recreational singles tennis advice. Why should I not say that I think it would be ridiculous to spend $100 on that? There are people who get suckered into buying powerbands, phiten necklaces, and all sorts of other ridiculous things.

The OP wanted to know specifically if anyone had purchased the FYB course, and whether they found it useful. "I haven't purchased the course but spending $100 on it is nuts" is not helpful.

It is similar to someone wanting to know specifics about Playmate Volley and saying "ball machines are useless, just rally with real people".

Unless the OP is a kindergartener, he realizes that there are many sources for information on singles strategy. He wants to know about the FYB course. The fact that this isn't obvious to you is why trying to explain this will be a waste of time.

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