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sundaypunch- because you are in a different demographic I have a $300 singles course that I will let you have for just $50. I'll even throw in some magic beans and will let you have total enlightenment on your deathbed. Don't bother getting anyone else's opinion on it here because for some reason no one has bought this package on the site to this point so you don't have many people to ask about it (And no one to ask about the total enlightenment...).

If someone asks about something and I think its a ripoff then I'l going to say so. I've read a ton of tennis books and seen a ton of videos (including many on the FYB site)- there is nothing about singles recreational strategy that I have ever seen that would be worth anything close to $100.

If You want to say that you purchased it and that you think it was money well spent then by all means do so.

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