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Originally Posted by Rock Strongo View Post
^^ Finland. Took a day trip by boat and it was the dullest place I've ever been to. Felt like a former Soviet country.

Winter is nigh, you will see Swedish ice soon.
I spent about 5 years in Finland. It is a nice place and not like a former Soviet country as you have described it; at least Helsinki (where I lived) is a good city to be in and life is too easy there. People do not work till late hours and do not make work a headache; I liked that part. Everyone in Helsinki speaks good English and there are some very good tennis centers. The only issue and a big one is that people are not very open. They are nice and helpful but introverts and do not talk a lot :/

I have fond memories of Finland but if I could go back in time, I would have moved to more warmer place and with warmer people.
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