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Originally Posted by TaihtDuhShaat View Post
This is purely based on my own experiences customizing my frames to Travlerajm's parameters of MgR/I, SW from 360-370, and MR^2 385-395:

Nothing else has even scratched to surface of the same league with regards to power, control, spin, volleys, and shot (including serve) accuracy and consistency for me.

I recommend all players at least try a frame once with specs of 382-386g, 31.75-31.9cm balance, 365-370 SW and see if it revolutionizes tennis for them.
I am having a discussion with Travlerajm and others at

I don't argue with specs of the racquets, I am arguing about the validity of MgR/I.
But it seems that people actually don't use MgR/I but the individual specs (like you do). Which is fine
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