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Good string this. It's only taken me 3 years to get round to trying it out

Anyway, without further ado....

+ Feels like a less stiff, less dead, more powerful version of B5E with more adjustabilty in shot making.
+ Easily a more usable string than the more one dimensional B5E
++ Very 'bitey', 'grabby' string. Surprisingly so. Very spin orientated. Didn't expect that at all.
+ Not super soft, nor stuper stiff. It's solid playing with a bit of give at the tension I used (52lbs CP).
= In terms of stiffness, it's probably half-way house between Black Widow 17 and B5E 17. A medium stiffness poly.
+ Not really an elastic poly like BHB7, but neither is it a stiff or 'no give' poly like Tour Bite.
+ The string feels at its best when you nail the ball. You get the best out of it when taking big rips at the ball, with as much power as you can and with as much racquet head speed as you can. The harder you hit the ball, the better it seems to play. Anyone with low racquet speed or anyone who hits the ball very tentatively won't 'get' this string at all.
+ Control is pretty good though its mostly as a product of the spin it generates. Not exceptionally laser like accurate in terms of directional precision as some polys but not bad in that regard either. Less spray than with something like BHBR, but not as much absolute directional accuracy compared to something Alu Power or even Yonex Poly Tour Pro. Generally though, control is fine.
= Feel is okay - not terrible, not great. Bit tinny without a vibe damp, but okay with. Not as much feel compared to the noticeably softer Black Widow but nowhere near as dead or muted as B5E.
++ Bit of a bargain price in reel form.

Nice string. Can't really think of any obvious negatives though I will have to see how long it lasts before going dead or perfomance drops off. Will probably string it 1-2lbs lower next time. 52lbs seems just a fraction high for me as the ball very occasionally slides off the stringbed rather than embedding.

(17g @ 52lbs CP in a Wilson Juice Pro 96/16x20)

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