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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Thats in the eyes of the beholder.
For me it is well worth it!!!
Many here do not think so.
You get their digest sent to you updated twice/ year.
You get their comprehensive stringers technique manual that has just about all that is needed to know about stringing and racquet service.
You get some nice string samples when you e-mail them when it is available, and that in itself helps recover a good % of the membership even if you do not like the string, you can offer it to your clients.With me it gives me a chance to try some strings that I typically would not use, so then I can explain to clients how some of these strings actually are.
You get a subscription to RSI magazine.
I like the USRSA racquet labels!!Very inexpensive and look nice to place on racquets.
If you get into a bind, you can pick up the phone and speak to a technician about it and get one on one personel attention.
You also get their online services, along with the online digest, that updates all the string patterns. Once I got a call from a local stringer a few years back as someone gave him the Wilson Sampras racquet that just came out at that time, and the string pattern was not even on the Wilson site, but the USRSA had it online.
When I started stringing back in 1968 the USRSA was not in existance.
With the USRSA, online videos, forums like this nice site, stringers have a great amount of help available that I never had back then.
I really do like the USRSA membership, its worth it to me and it gives credibility to the craft!
You've done it again jim e! Thanks
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