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You are correct Jim. The "almost fits" do not feel the same, but sometimes you have to make do. Why Head did not make replacements, or include extras, on the A.A. is beyond me.

I have not replaced bumpers/grommets on that one (I have two that do not get played) but they should take TK59, which is what the Trisys Radical OS takes -- the original NOS labels also show models "Radial Tour 690", "Radical Tour 690 TT", "Tour 690" in addition to "Radical Trisys Tour OS as fitments.

These are extremely rare and pricey. I am down to two of these. The common work-around is the Ti Radical OS. But not the same and not truly satisfactory.

EDIT: Be very careful buying these, as many people represent the Ti Radical OS sets as the original replacements.

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