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Thumbs down The hypocrisy that is the NCAA: the Okla. St. - Savanah State disgrace

Rant alert:

And a big fat "middle finger" to the NCAA for sanctioning these Okla. State - Savanah State 84-0 type of "big boys vs. little school" dangerous mismatches.

Additionally, I'd like to send out a big F.U. to both money-grabbing Savanah St. and Oklahoma State (84-0?!!) for agreeing to this game in the first place and putting throughly outclassed SSU kids in a position to get seriously hurt. I don't want to hear the "generate revenue" for the other non-revenue-generating sports argument; those schools put those kids at risk for money (SSU) and a low-risk scrimmage (OSU). Phuckin' pigs, both schools.

This isn't tennis. In tennis, a physical mismatch means a bagel. In football, it can mean your ***.
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