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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Tony, what's up with your serves?
Your groundies have improved.
Your balance has improved.
Your placements has improved.
But what's with your serve? Regressed back to your very first vid. Why the special lack of effort on your serves?
Hi LeeD,

yes, I served like that intentionally. that vid was the 3rd set we played, so I was quite tired already. moreover, I noticed that my opponent couldn't really do much about my weak serve. but if I served very hard, he can always get the ball back decently. so why wasting the energy and risk lots of double fault? that's why I decided to serve softly.

about I am rating myself 0.5 lower than the guys in the first vids. actually I never played either one of them, but I kinda know the difference based on his record against other people. also we shared a lot of each other's match vids among a group of people and the consensus is he is 0.5 higher than me. maybe not completely shown in these two particular vids though.
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