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Vcore Tour 89 felt very close to the touch and feel of PS 85. Very near! While I love my BLX PST 90 for the serve (and K88 before that and...), For me, Vcore 89 has the total package.

I like to construct my points most of the time so this slightly lower-powered serving stick (comparatively speaking) just serves me right. But on times when I play serve and volley, wow, my volleys are noticeably better than when I am wielding the BLX PST 90, K88, K90, etc.

Plus, I didn't shank any balls up to this point anyways (for almost a month now) with Vcore 89 simply because the sweetspot is literally much more bigger than the ping-pong ball size sweet spots of the aforementioned racquets.

Mine are strung with a full bed of Axon Mono and Turbo Twist @ 60 lbs. Will also be stringing (2 racquets) with Alu Power since I've grown accustomed to it for a few years now. I will string a fifth racquet with Bi-Phase since I miss the feeling of synthetic gut--just a bit.
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