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Well, I went for the combo & ordered last week.

My Revo & Wise 2086 arrived yesterday, and it took me all of 20 minutes to get it up & running, and most of that was getting the Revo out of the box (the thing weighs a ton!). Right away I could see the difference in quality vs. my Eagnas. Solid & sturdy.

I also strung my first racquet on it last evening while watching the Federer/Berdych match. At first it was awkward, as installing the Wise cancels out the '360 degree' feature of the base (the racquet handle bumps up against the Diablo), but once I got into a rhythm, things went swimmingly.

The pre-stretch feature is real nice since I do many gut/poly hybrids. No longer do I have to walk the length of my basement, ensuring I don't kink the gut on the way, then give it a tug.

All in all, I'm real happy w/ the decision.
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