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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
I saw you also posted in the Angell thread and that you have a few Vantage frames. What do you like about the vcore compared to Vantage other than it's has a new racquet on the block excitement? I'd imagine a "customized" frame should meet your needs better? Or has your style/preferences changed?
I've always loved Yonex frames in particular RDX500 mid (of them all; over MP1 Tour), I am a tennis fan more than a racquet fan but I do try some other frames such as Wilson, Head, Prince and Babolat just like most every tennis fan would.

Now, Vantage's pricing is very competitive so I thought I'd try them (who wouldn't?). Easily, one can order a customized racquet in the range of $400+ (from other companies as well).

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