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Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
Curious if the grommets are for a customer's frame or your own. If for a customer, s/he would just have to 'bite the bullet' and pay for grommets from that place in Atlanta, if they have any.

Also am wondering what happens if you fit the 'not so good' grommets and string with cheap nylon to seat the grommets, if that would work. I've had issues with sets that did not appear to fit, but were OK once they were seated with a string bed.
This case was for my own racquet. I have used the head Ti/i Radical OS grommet sets in the Agassi Radical OS and they do fit in nice in this racquet, not even a slight struggle to install like some others. I guess that the grommets are a slight amount smaller in thickness than the originals, so some people get a little noise with those in place, but Head never made any grommets avail. for the AA Radical racquets when they came out.The present Head radical grommet sets (YT, MG, LM) do not fit the way grommets are intended to and really should not be used in my opinion.
Only thing, now Head discontinued the Ti/i radical OS grommets. looks like from now on I will need to just bite the bullit as you say and get them from the big auction site.

Curious as to what is the place in Atlanta you are referring to. Should be no conflict here as TW does not offer the groommets needed.

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