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To qoute travlerajm "If MgR/I is too low, you need to apply a forward moment from the wirst to keep the racquetface aimed toward the target through the hitting zone. This is not easy, but it is doable.

Similarly, if MgR/I is too high, the racquetface will come around too fast relative to the hand, making control difficult because you would need to apply a reverse moment to the racquet in order to control the ball (or convert the excess racquetspeed into extra vertical velocity for more spin, which is not easy to do). This is more difficult than the former situation, which is why very few stock racquets (or pro customized racquets) have specs with MgR/I > 21.

The ideal situation, however, is to have zero moment required, allowing a relaxed wrist through the hitting zone. "

This indicates there is an ideal number.

What does make a good racket?

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