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The very simplified idea (I think) is that each person has an ideal MgR/I such that the racket face comes through the hitting zone perpendicular to the ball, meaning that you don't need to apply any extra wrist action to keep the head perpendicular. The result - assuming your footwork and stroke is sound - is that you'll have more (or at least easier) control right around your ideal MgR/I. To jmnk's point, ideal MgR/I is going to be different for every person. Again, I don't understand the physics, but travlerajm has said it tends to vary by height (probably as a proxy for arm length, I would guess). Taller players will have lower ideal MgR/I, while shorter players (like myself) will have higher ideal MgR/I. Again, MgR/I is not the whole story. If you're primarily a doubles player and care more about serves and volleys (for which MgR/I isn't important), your ideal racket setup may not give you an ideal MgR/I. Nonetheless, MgR/I can be an important data point.
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