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Originally Posted by PanchoGonzalesTheGreatest View Post
So just because you have issues with how I express myself, then I should change just to make you happy? Everyone is different and expresses themselves in different ways. If you don't like how I express myself, then no one is forcing you to read my threads. As long as I don't break any rules, then I should be allowed to express myself how I like.

Trolling is something I have no interest in. I like tennis too much to waste my time trolling. Everything I say, I believe deep down, and I am not trying to provoke anyone. I've been a big admirer for Federer's natural ability since I first saw in play in 1998 but I have always been a big critic of his fragile mind. He sort of won me over with his brilliant performances in 2004 but then that mental fragility surfaced again and he started making too many unforced errors in matches.
Point taken. Just that the way you listed things was sort of similar to a troll who was banned a while back but I was wrong and I apologize
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