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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Why do you have to keep on defending Pancho? There are players that were before this time, and experts from TTC have Budge and Tilden in the top 10 greatest male player. So you can't say that Pancho was overlooked.
Tilden is fortunate in that during his amateur prime, the best players in the world were also amateurs, and Tilden was also the first really big tennis superstar to do very well as a professional, after players like Vinny Richards and Karel Kozeluh had shown the way for the professional game early on. Even though Tilden did very well as a professional and was aging, I believe all the credit he gets from certain circles is due to his amateur career with 7 US Championships and winning his last Wimbledon 9 years after his previous Wimbledon triumph.

Budge has the 1938 Grand Slam to make him famous.

Gonzales, I am sure, is only given credit by some people for his 2 US Championships titles as an amateur and the fact that he was still playing in his 40s, but his period as the best player in the world for 8 years as a professional, is clearly not acknowledged in many circles. If it were, there's no way he would be outside of the top 5 on all time lists at the very least.
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