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Originally Posted by stoneage View Post
My formula? It is MgR/I
I just indicated a way to save the concept by skipping the erroneous physics. But it was obviously misguided since most people on this thread just want to believe.
Hundreds of people on this forum have tested this formula and benefited from this simple way to tune a racquet for their strokes. There is nothing erroneous about the formula, and it is indeed based on simple laws of physics.

I think perhaps you are underappreciating the importance of gravity to a tennis stroke. Consider that the takeback on the forehand of every single high level player, regardless of grip or swingpath, has something in common: every player takes the racquet back with the racquethead higher than his head. And there are important reason this:
1. To take advantage of the potential energy of a high takeback, which accounts for a large fraction of the total racquet head speed through the hitting zone.
2. Racquethead speed generated from the potential energy of a high takeback is highly reproducible (because gravity is the same for each swing). This gives a more consistent shot.

In order to best take advantage of the reproducible conversion of potential energy to gravity-assisted kinetic energy during the swing, a racquet must have a mass distribution that ensures that the racquethead rotates through the hitting zone at the speed that keeps the racquetface perpendicular to the target. The MgR/I formula (and the wall targeting tuning method for optimizing MgR/I) gives a very simple way to ensure that your racquet is set up optimally for this.

Please try out the wall tuning method yourself before you dismiss this.
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