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what i mean by competition is that it takes a lot more of hardwork to win matches these days. Just because you dont have multiple slam champions doesnt mean there not good just goes to further prove how tough it is to win slams in this era
It's all debatable. The champions of the past may play one hundred to hundreds of matches per year and move by car on their own from place to place. They don't travel by first class airplane or perhaps their own private plane. They hit with tiny heavy wood racquets which takes a big toll on you over a period when you swing many thousands of time. They often ate at cheap places to save money on expenses.

Think of it this way I don't think the players are that tough when guys like Nadal and Djokovic complain about playing on Blue Clay. Laver and Gonzalez once played the US Pro in 1964 in a horrible rainstorm in which the court conditions were described as a bog. They had to play because the next day they had to go to another tournament.

Ken Rosewall for example in 1957 played about 172 matches. Rod Laver in 1963 played 147 matches, in 1964 he played a mere 98 matches. In 1966 118 matches. In 1969 a mere 122 matches.

Pancho Gonzalez played Jack Kramer on a tour from October 1949 to June of 1950 in which they played 123 matches. That's 123 matches in about eight months just on the tour. They may have played some tournaments and one night stands in between the tour. I believe Kramer did play several tournaments during that time and Gonzalez played at least one tournament I know of. That's a lot of tennis.
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