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Glad to read you have all enjoyed the read. Thanks!

I'll try to post a few more photos when I get a chance.

Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Wow, I love this Drakulie! Can I ask a few questions. Was Casey stretching Nautral gut? And if he was what did he have it wraped around? Last question, why was the starting clamp on the outside of the frame for? Is that a way of starting mains, If so could you explain it to me? Would it be okay if I shoot you an email sometime? If you do not want to give your email away I understand.

Great Story and Great pictures, Thanks!

Roger Wawrinka
Roger, we used a door handle with a towel wrapped around it to protect the strings when pre-stretching. In reference to the starting clamp, I believe you are speaking about the photo with Doug. If so, I believe this is how he starts his mains, but not sure of his exact procedure.

Here is my email:

Originally Posted by MAX PLY View Post
I hope you liked working with Chuck--a good guy and friend of mine here in the ATL. Thanks for all of the great posts.

(update--I posted the above before I read the article--very nice--one nit--shouldn't the reference in the third paragraph be to "Warren" (not Norman) Bosworth? I thought the late, great Warren Bosworth was Jay's dad?)
Max, working with Chuck, along with all the other guys was a great pleasure. Chuck is a real nice guy and great resource with a lot of knowledge. Hopefully, will have the pleasure of working with him again in the future.

PS: Thanks for pointing out the error. I corrected it.
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